Friday, February 25, 2011

Massachusetts State Senate bill seeks to end horse slaughter

Massachusetts State Senator Stephen Brewer of Barre, MA has introduced a bill in the Massachussetts Senate in Boston. This humane bill will ban horse slaughter for human consumption in the state, as well as its horrific and deadly bulk transportation.
State residents, equine rescues, animal lovers, and all who are concerned with the humane treatment of horses are called upon to actively support this forward-thinking and compassionate legislation.

This bill was drafted by Equine Welfare Alliance and Animal Law Coalition and is fully supported by the Massachusetts chapter of Americans Against Horse Slaughter, and Senator Brewer’s bold support is highly commendable and much-appreciated.

State residents are urged to contact their Representatives and Senators on Beacon Hill and request of them that they support this bill both in committee hearings and when a floor vote occurs. Find your Massachusetts State Senator and Representative at:

The Massachusetts Senate bill is tentatively numbered SD 228.

Animal Law Coalition’s website has further info. Please note that the bill’s cosponsor deadline has passed. For more info and to see a copy of the bill’s language, go to:
Scroll down to “attachment” to see the bill language.
Please actively support this humane bill. You can make a difference by forwarding this info to your friends and family in Massachusetts. If we are silent here, that silence only allows horses to continue to suffer thru deadly bulk transport and the ultimate betrayal of horse slaughter for human consumption.
Contact me and I’ll keep you informed so that you can get involved when that effort is needed. Thanks for helping horses. They thank you, too.

Please support all of our equine rescues in Massachusetts. Here’s a list, please make sure that you know the rescue and the horses that you’re supporting:
Your active support makes a difference in the life of a horse!

Supporters are urged to check this site for updates, but to really stay current, send me an email to stay updated on the effort for the bills:

Thanks for making a difference in a horse's life, and for legislating against inhumane actions!

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  1. Senator Brewer's bill is now known as S.655.
    SD 228 is no longer relevant.
    Ask YOUR MA senator and representative to VOTE YES for S.655. Thanks!